Heilongjiang Agricultural Sciences
(Monthly,Started in 1978)
Competent Authority
Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Sponsored by
Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Edited & Published by
Editorial Departmen of Heilongjiang Agricultural Sciences
368 Xuefu Road,Nangang District,Harbin,150086,China
Distributed by
Harbin Post Office
Domestic Post Office
Issued Abroad by
China International Book Trading Group Co.,LTD
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  Heilongjiang Agricultural Sciences (HAS, ISSN1002-2767) is a monthly synthetically agricultural journal sponsored by Heilongjiang Acadiy of Agricultural Sciences. It is issued in China and abroad. HAS sticks to the tenet of the journal and insists on the ideology of servicing for scientific research and guiding production all the time since it started in 1978. It owns a large miber of authors from all provinces of China, even from Bulgaria. HAS publishes original papers referring to all fields in agriculture. With the view of facilitating to read, HAS sets up several columns such as genetics and breeding··· [more]